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Our equipment

View our collection of cutting-edge machinery and technology we utilize to deliver exceptional results. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art equipment, carefully selected to meet the demands of precision CNC machining. From high-speed milling machines to multi-axis turning centers, we have invested in the latest industry-leading tools that enable us to achieve unmatched accuracy, superior surface finishes, and efficient production. 


We believe that quality begins with the right tools, and our top-of-the-line equipment is a testament to our dedication to providing the best solutions for our valued clients.


22 machines

RA Zweig uses top of the line Mazak turning machines equipped with 4-axis capability, substantial horsepower, and generous maximum dimensions, making them ideal for a wide range of precision turning operations.

Axis: 4

Horsepower: 60

Max Diameter: 33"

Max Y-Axis Travel: 4"

Max Length: 122"

Sub-Spindle Diameter: 8"


18 machines

Our milling machines provide a wide range of capabilities for precision machining tasks on your CNC floor, including 5-axis and 4-axis milling with varying sizes and travel specifications.

Variaxis Milling (5 pieces)

Axis: 5

Horsepower: 30

Max Diameter: 44"

Max Y-Axis Travel: 20"

Max Length: 20"

Vertical Milling (3 pieces)
Axis: 3
Horsepower: 30
Max Diameter: 59"
Max Y-Axis Travel: 25.5"
Max Length: 25"

Horizontal Milling (10 pieces)
Axis: 4
Horsepower: 30
Max Diameter: 28"
Max Y-Axis Travel: 28.7"
Max Length: 31"
B-Axis Precision: 0.001 degrees


14 machines

Our Swiss machines offer 12-axis precision machining capabilities with specific size and length parameters, and the addition of a versatile tooling setup and air purification system enhances their efficiency and environmental performance

Axis: 12

Max Diameter: 1.25"

Max Length: 12 5/8"

Additionally, the Swiss machining floor is equipped with:

Tooling: 40 tools, including 21 rotary and 19 turning tools

Environmental Equipment: Avani Environmental Air Purification System


24 machines

These 5-Axis Mazak machines provide high-precision machining capabilities with a powerful 50 HP motor and a wide range of movement and speed options, making them versatile for various CNC machining tasks

Axis: 10

Horsepower: 50

Max Diameter: 27"

Max Y-Axis Travel: 11"
Max Length: 62"
B-Axis Precision: 240 degrees


Our passivation system utilizes an automatic 5-tank process with nitric acid and holds NADCAP certification, ensuring the highest quality and compliance standards in the passivation process.

Process: Automatic 5-tank system
Acid Used: Nitric Acid, Citric Acid
Certification: NADCAP Certified


6 machines

Our top-of-the-line inspection tools, consisting of 6 CMMs with impressive measurement ranges and advanced features such as probes, Vast systems, and laser scanning, enable precise and comprehensive quality control in our manufacturing processes.

Maximum Measurement Range (X): 39"
Maximum Measurement Range (Y): 63"
Maximum Measurement Range (Z): 23.5"
Additionally, the CMMs are equipped with:

  • Probes

  • Vast Systems

  • Laser Scanning Capabilities


RA Zweig uses an array of equipment that compliments all of the machines listed above with a versatile range of additional capabilities, including cutting, welding, heat treatment, cleaning, and surface preparation for various manufacturing and finishing processes.

Max Diameter: 16.5"
1 Mig Welding and 1 Tig Welding
Temperature Range:
 up to 1200°C

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